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Why You Shouldn’t Reline Your Dentures Yourself

August 16, 2023

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Dentures have served as a dependable solution for replacing missing teeth, restoring both smiles and oral functionality. However, as time goes by, dentures may start fitting poorly due to changes in the mouth, leading to discomfort and the necessity for relining. While seeking advice from skilled dental experts ensures the best results, you might be wondering if attempting DIY denture relining is a viable option. Keep reading to understand why consulting professionals is the best choice.

Why Dentures Need to Be Relined

Dentures, custom-made oral appliances designed for a comfortable mouth fit, undergo changes as time passes due to shifts in the jawbone and gum tissues. These changes result in reduced bone volume and gum resorption, causing dentures to become ill-fitting or loose.

Moreover, continuous wear and tear can lead to denture deterioration and damage, further worsening their fit and performance. To address these issues, dentures require relining. This process involves applying a new layer of material to the denture’s fitting surface, restoring a secure and comfortable fit.

Through relining, dentures regain proper alignment, stability, and optimal function, significantly enhancing comfort and promoting better oral health. Regular denture relining plays a crucial role in preserving the longevity and effectiveness of dentures over time.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Reline Your Dentures Yourself

While the idea of attempting DIY denture relining might be enticing, there are several compelling reasons to prioritize professional help, including:

  • Your Dentist Is the Expert – Turning to a dentist, an oral health expert, offers the benefit of their in-depth denture expertise. They can accurately assess when relining is needed and have the essential tools and skills to execute the procedure seamlessly. Counting on a dentist guarantees an efficient and reliable denture relining process.
  • Possibility of Damage to Your Dentures – Skip DIY denture relining kits, as they may include materials or methods that could harm your dentures and oral structures. Prioritizing safety, denture longevity, and optimal oral health are compelling reasons to avoid these kits.
  • Oral Health Risks – Ill-fitting dentures can lead to various oral health issues, including gum inflammation, mouth sores, jaw pain from changes in the jaw structure, headaches, discomfort in the jaw, and limitations in oral function that affect your ability to enjoy a varied diet.
  • Long-Term Cost Implications – Skipping dental appointments and attempting DIY denture relining may seem cost-effective initially but can lead to greater expenses later on. Consulting a dentist for professional assistance ensures proper denture care, preventing potential complications and costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Remember, consulting a dental expert for denture issues ensures the best results and prevents long-term complications. Proper denture maintenance is essential for your oral health and maintaining a gorgeous grin!

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