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Root Canal Therapy – Westchase, FL

Don’t Lose Your Tooth
to an Infection

An infected tooth is no laughing matter. Not only is it painful, but there’s no chance of the issue going away on its own. If enough of the tooth is damaged, an extraction might eventually be the only recourse. But with root canal therapy in our Westchase, FL dental office, Dr. Ponnaganti can remove the infection and stop the destruction of the tooth before irreparable damage is done. Do you have toothache? Call us immediately for an emergency examination so that we can decide whether root canal therapy is necessary.

Why Choose Happy Smiles for Root Canal Therapy?

The Root Canal Procedure

Model of the inside of the healthy tooth that doesn't need root canal therapy

Your mouth will be numbed to keep your discomfort to a minimum. Also, a rubber dam will be placed to keep the tooth dry while we work on it. The root canal procedure involves removing the infected dental pulp before thoroughly cleaning the inside of the tooth. The goal is to make sure there is no bacteria remaining inside the tooth before we fill it with biocompatible material and reseal the area with a crown.

Reasons for a Root Canal

Woman with toothache in need of root canal therapy

Root canal treatment is performed when the soft tissue inside your tooth becomes infected. This generally happens when the enamel suffers from extensive decay or damage that isn’t repaired, inviting bacteria into the root canals. You might also be at risk if you have a faulty crown or filling. There are even cases where the pulp is damaged in an accident even when the tooth itself has no visible chips or cracks. The sooner the treatment is performed, the more likely you are to save your natural tooth.

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