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Tooth Extractions – Westchase, FL

Removing Teeth That
Are Beyond Salvaging

It’s safe to say that given a choice between keeping a tooth and having it removed, most people would choose the former every single time. However, there are occasions where a tooth is so badly cracked, broken, decayed, diseased, or crooked that tooth extractions from our Westchase, FL dentists are really the only solution left. Dr. Ponnaganti and the rest of our team at Happy Smiles will gently guide you through this process; the procedure itself will be virtually painless, and we’ll help you find the best way to recomplete your smile afterwards. If you ever need a tooth extracted, call us right away to discuss your options.

Why Choose Happy Smiles for Tooth Extractions?

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

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How Tooth Extractions Work

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There are actually two main categories of tooth extraction: simple and surgical.

Tooth Extractions Aftercare

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Following your procedure, you will need to take a few steps to stay comfortable and heal properly. That includes:

Around the three-day mark, you should start to feel better. If you don’t, or your symptoms seem to be worsening, then call us ASAP.

Tooth Extractions FAQs

Can I Leave the Space Empty After a Tooth Extraction?

It’s not typically recommended since leaving the space empty can lead to several unwanted consequences, including dental drift and reduced biting power. With that said, there are some exceptions. One example is if one or more of your teeth were removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment. As always, the decision of what the next steps are following your tooth extraction will be decided between you and Dr. Ponnaganti.

Can I Leave the Space Empty After a Tooth Extraction?

Thanks to advancements in both technology and dentistry, you actually have quite a few options for filling the new space in your smile! The first is a dental bridge, which is ideal for patients who are missing one tooth or several teeth consecutively. The second is a partial or full denture. This tooth-replacement solution has been used for decades and can help patients with moderate to severe tooth loss. The third is a dental implant. This is one of the most popular options since it replaces the entire structure of a missing tooth – from root to crown.

What’s the Difference Between Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Although both of these procedures involve removing a tooth, they are completely different. One important distinction is that wisdom tooth surgery focuses on solely removing the third set of molars while tooth extractions can remove any tooth is that severely damaged or causing overcrowding. If you want to learn more about what separates these two treatments – and why we are recommending a certain one – don’t hesitate to let us know!

Does Getting a Tooth Extracted Hurt?

You’ll be happy to hear that getting a tooth pulled does not hurt. That’s because – no matter what the specifics of your treatment plan are – the first step is always numbing your mouth. We’ll also provide you with aftercare instructions in order to keep any soreness you experience following your procedure to a minimum.

Can I Smoke After Getting a Tooth Extracted?

It’s not recommended. After all, smoking (or tobacco use of any kind) can lead to several problems, including delayed healing. For that reason, patients are advised to abstain from smoking both before and after the procedure.

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