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Emergency Dentistry – Westchase, FL

Broken or Lost Tooth?
Call Us Immediately!

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek

A true dental emergency – such as severe decay that’s causing a toothache or a tooth that has become broken or knocked out of your mouth entirely – requires immediate expert attention. Luckily, Happy Smiles can offer just that; we’ll make every effort to see you as soon as possible, so you can overcome your pain and get back to your normal life as soon as possible. Call us immediately as soon as you realize something is wrong in your mouth for emergency dentistry in Westchase, FL.

Why Choose Happy Smiles for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Woman holding cheek in pain before emergency dentistry treatment

There are many different kinds of emergencies you might encounter, and as such there are different strategies for how to handle them. Your first step no matter the situation should be to call our dental office. We’ll schedule a time to see you as soon as possible, of course, but we’ll also give you some tips for relieving your pain and limiting the damage on your own. To make sure you have a solid grasp of the basics, check below to learn how to deal with some of the most common dental emergencies.

Man with toothache looking at his smile in mirror


Use dental floss to remove anything that might be caught in the spaces between your teeth. You can take painkillers to treat a toothache, but don’t let the medicine touch your teeth or gums, as it could cause a burning sensation. Persistent, painful toothaches are often treated with root canal therapy.

Learn About Root Canals

Closeup of smile with chipped front tooth

Chipped/Broken Tooth

The tooth might be bleeding; hold a piece of gauze over the wound until it stops. (If you can’t halt the bleeding, you’ll need to call the emergency room.) If there are any jagged or sharp edges, protect the soft tissues in your mouth by placing dental wax or sugarless gum over the tooth. Keep the tooth safe until your appointment; if it becomes too damaged, it might have to be removed.

Learn About Tooth Extractions

Woman with knocked out tooth covering her mouth

Knocked-Out Tooth

Find the tooth immediately. When you pick it up, only touch the crown (the part you normally see when you smile). Rinse it off gently under cool water; do not remove any of the tissues still attached to it. Preserve the tooth by placing it in its socket or storing it in milk. Get in touch with us as soon as you can to attempt a replantation.

Woman with lost dental crown covering mouth

Lost Filling/Crown

Take the restoration out immediately to avoid swallowing it. If your tooth is sensitive or painful, apply clove oil to the area. Save the restoration if possible; we might be able to place it back in your mouth. You can reattach a lost crown (albeit temporarily) with dental cement or a small dab of petroleum jelly.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Man and woman brushing teeth to prevent dental emergencies

There’s no foolproof solution for avoiding dental emergencies entirely, but there are a few things you can do to keep your mouth as safe as possible. Obviously, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing on a regular basis is important. Additionally, you need to protect your teeth by exercising caution around crunchy or hard foods. You should also invest in a mouthguard if you play any sports or tend to grind your teeth at night.

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Family of four discussing the cost of treaing dental emergencies with team member

The cost of emergency dental care is not a constant. It varies depending on the situation. Someone who only needs a cavity filled, for example, will not have to pay the same amount as someone who has to replace an entire tooth. We’ll aim to restore your oral health with the most cost-effective options possible. Also, we’ll file the necessary claims with your dental insurance carrier for you, and we’ll help you explore financing options as needed.

TMJ/TMD Therapy

Man in need of T M J therapy holding jaw in pain

If you frequently wake up with a headache or pain near your mouth, you might have a problem with the joint that connects the lower jaw to the rest of the skull. This is known as a TMJ disorder, which can cause you to live in constant pain and might stop you from moving your mouth properly. Dr. Ponnaganti can diagnose a TMJ disorder and help you find relief depending on the underlying cause. Don’t let yourself suffer jaw pain for any longer than necessary.

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