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4 Foods Naturally High in Fluoride

April 18, 2022

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If you ask most people, they’ll probably know that fluoride is associated with good dental health. It’s used in toothpaste, and most tap water in the United States is fluoridated. Other than what’s found in the dentist’s office, though, they might think that these are the primary sources of the stuff in daily life.

As it happens, there are also foods with fluoride in them. To improve your oral health, consider adding these four high-fluoride foods to your diet!

High-Fluoride Food #1: Black Tea

You might drink black tea mainly for the caffeine, but it also adds to your fluoride intake.

Some people believe that the fluoride in tea comes from preparing it with tap water. However, it’s actually the tea leaves that contain the mineral. Hence, brewing black tea with tap water only increases the amount by a little.

Keep in mind that black tea will stain your teeth even quicker than black coffee! To minimize the stains, try drinking it from a straw so the beverage makes less contact with tooth surfaces.

High-Fluoride Food #2: Grapes, Raisins, & Wine

Grapes are also a natural source of fluoride as is the wine they’re used to make. White wine, in particular, contains nearly twice as much as red wine.

Still, neither can compare with raisins, which have one of the highest fluoride concentrations of any food. In fact, raisins have more than 20 times as much fluoride as raw grapes.

High-Fluoride Food #3: Potatoes

Potatoes are more than just empty carbs — they’re also a good source of fluoride. One example would be russet potatoes, which contain 0.49 ppm of the mineral. However, the content levels depend on how the potatoes are prepared: baked potatoes and hash browns contain twice as much fluoride as French fries!

High-Fluoride Food #4: Spinach

A known superfood, spinach is packed with many great vitamins and minerals, fluoride included. Spinach contains 0.07 mg of fluoride per cup. It is also a great source of Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps your body fight infections.

Rather than a mere novelty ingredient, fluoride is a crucial material for preserving healthy smiles. So, if you want to keep tooth decay at bay, make the above foods part of your daily intake!

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